If you are moving out or in  rented accommodation, an Estate  Agent or you are selling your home we at SCHAPE have the necessary knowledge to carry out the job to suit your requirements.

 SCHAPE understand how important it is for you to have the property professionally cleaned and checked.  SCHAPE will provide a thorough deep clean offered to the highest standard and guarantee you will be satisfied by the standards as we use latest techniques to ensure the highest standards of cleanliness are achieved.

A typical tenancy clean will include all floors deep cleaned and tiles polished, all kitchen appliances including the fridge and the oven inside and out, cupboards, drawers, skirting boards, doors, windows, all surfaces dusted and cleaned.  Lime scaling the bathroom and sanitizing.We can include carpet cleaning.

Below is a typical list for a tenancy clean, again we tailor each clean to you the customers particular requirements.

A typical list for a tenancy clean.
  • Kitchen – General cleaning of all kitchen appliances from inside out, including oven, fridge, freezer, microwave, dishwasher, hob, extractor fans, etc, (Deep cleaning extra at discounted prices). Scrubbing/sweeping and sanitizing of all floors – wooden, tile, laminated. Steam clean of wall tiles, ledges, frames, skirting, cupboards.  Windows cleaned from the inside.
  • Bathrooms – Deep cleaning of the floors  Vacuuming/mopping all floors, dusting, steam clean all sills, ledges, skirting and frames, steam sanitation  of all tiled areas and w.c, bath, showers, sinks, taps, shower screens. Descale/Lime is also carried out.
  • Bedrooms – Vacuum/mop all floors, clean inside windows, remove litter, dust and steam clean all sills, ledges, skirting, frames, remove cobweds, cleaning and wiping of cupboards, wardrobes, doors, mirrors.
  • Living areas – Wiping down of all surfaces, frames, skirting, fixtures, vacuuming/mopping of all floors, cleaning mirrors, removing litter and cobwebs, window cleaning from the inside.
  • Hallways & Entrances – Wiping down framework, cupboards, doors and skirting, mirror cleaning, vacuuming/mopping floors and window cleaning from the inside.