How does steam cleaning work?

It’s very simple really.  Dirt and grime have adhesive qualities that enable them to stick to all types of surfaces.

The heat of the steam melts the adhesive and dampness of the steam dilutes the adhesive.  A wipe with a cloth quickly clears the dirt or grime away. Steam cleaning is also a safe cleaning method it leaves no toxic residues on surfaces and wont stain clothing, steam cleaning also kills well known bacteria such as e-coli, listeria and salmonella, using only water means it is environmentally friendly as well.

Cleaning your kitchen: With all the products available today they do make your kitchen a safer place, but cleaning with steam is still the most hygenic way to clean, from counter tops to the insides of all your appliances steam is the way to clean.

Cleaning your bathroom: This room could be a haven for all manner of nasty little germs and bacteria, having your bathroom steam cleaned is the best and enviromentally friendly way of getting rid of all those unwanted germs and bugs.

Cleaning your bedroom: Some people still do not vacuum their mattress or pillows, let alone have their bedroom steam cleaned. Steam cleaning will get rid of all the nasty little bugs that live in our beds, steam cleaning will eradicate these bugs for you.
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