Why vacuum your bed ?

I covered this subject a short while  ago,however after the summer period (short as it was) we all sweated a lot more than usual and that is like a little slice of heaven to these unseen pesky creatures.

To be honest you should hoover your mattress on a weekly basis, however once a month should be fine. Why should we do this,your mattress is a haven for the Dust Mite, as we sleep dead skin cells flake off from our bodies about 0.05 ounce per night enough to feed a million or so dust mites,they have a very short life span about three weeks, as they die and decay this is where our allergy’s come from. Hoovering will not eradicate them on its own you should have your mattress steam cleaned at least twice a year.To further combat these pesky creatures wash all bed linen in the hottest possible wash atorvastatin lipitor.

This is a far cheaper alternative than buying a new mattress, to see what could be in your mattress just Google it, you will be surprised.

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